Small Icons

14.90  incl. VAT 24%

Select the image from the list. Small size about 6,5 x 6,8cm or 6,5 x 8,8cm. (W,H). Weight about 55g.


In these works I have used the traditional subject matter by treating it in my own way. Printed pictures are copies to my artworks. The base is stained wood or plywood. The package includes brown rack, which size is about 3,5 x 5,5cm (W,H). More art products can be found here.


Additional information

Weight 55 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 8.8 × 0.6 cm
Select the Icon image:

G1. Mary and Jesus child, G10. Jesus I, G11. Angel I, G13. Madonna, G3. Apostoles in the storm, G4. Dark-haired angel, G5. Angel and harp, G6. Angel lady, G7. Angel and cross necklace, G8. Jesus III