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On this Gallery page you will find
some information about my art and design.

About my Art:

Most of the paintings are made with acrylic colours. At the moment the water colour painting inspired me. My style of painting is called impressionist realism. My paintings are often colourful, cheerful and airy feel to it. You can find spring and summer colors in these images. You can ask me for prices of original paintings by email. The e-mail: info(at)rilkes.fi replace (at) with @. Please remember to include email your contact information so that I can respond to. Some of the the original paintings shown here have been sold, I have left myself the electronic versions of the images for products productization.


About my Icons:

In these works I have used the traditional subject, by treating it through my own expression. Traditionally Icons do not realistically depict people and events, more they are symbolic interpretations, of the saints spiritual values such as e.g. humility, faithfulness and love are. Traditionally the Icon perspective is always reversed, its is not in the distant horizon such as in paintings.

Traditionally, an Icon must includes the name of the person, or the name of the topic. Icons are not usually signed in the Orthodox world (for spiritual reasons), for in the Orthodox world the Icon is painted, for glory of God. However, in the Greek tradition of Icon painting, signatures or author’s stamps became more common and the method is still in use there. I mixed new and old ways in these Icons, so these Icons are perhaps more of an Art than a traditional and regular Icon painting.

ikoni ryhmä2


About my Illustration:

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films. Contemporary illustration uses a wide range of styles and techniques, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, montage, digital design, multimedia. At the moment the combination of text and image inspired me. In these illustrations handprint is cheerful and cartoonish style. Many of these, illustrated images you can find my pages.

laventeli kukkanen

About my Design:

During the industrial period, handicraft Design is an primarily on making of artistic objects or making decorative objects. Handicraft Designers are often concentrated in one material, such as wood, glass, ceramics, metals, precious metals, textiles, or even recycled materials. Part of my works is somewhere halfway art and design. Part of my works is the traditional productions, such as hearts, stars, snowflake, leaf etc.

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Different things,
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The e-mail: info(at)rilkes.fi replace (at) with @.