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Jewellery Care and Nodes


Adjustable Nodes:  Cotton cord lenght is about 40-50cm. I use adjustable node which you can change the lenght of a piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Care: I recomend avoiding the use of jewellery in extreme conditions. In practice, this means that the paper beads, cotton cord, wood jewellery don’t like water. Do not wear those jewellery when swimming, showering or in the sauna. Strong mechanical stress is also to good avoid. Remember too, that none of the neclace is not suitable as a toy.

Note. Parts used in some jewellery may ordered from abroad. Although I make an order: nickel free, I can’t guarantee it completely because I haven’t been controlling the production process myself, for safety reasons this is good to know. You can change easily jewellery locks if you needed.

Jewelry Colors: Jewelry product information may include many colors in the style of copper / blue / black. In this case, the colors are always listed starting from the base color. Copper color does not match the copper that people usually know, so the image tells the color better than the color name. In many jewelry, copper could be foldabled in the direction of yellow gold or rose gold.

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