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Terms and Conditions

Online store general things

Rilkes products in the online store are sold and manufactured by Rilke Sneck alias Jaana Turunen ( cooperative Tekemonia business ID 2029103-6). All prices include VAT. I reserve the right to change prices and postage.

Deliveries of products ordered through the Rilkes shop are handled by Spreadsshirt. You can find their comprehensive information on the Rilkes store website. The products in the Rilkes store are illustrated with my art. Here you will find products for the whole family, such as t-shirts, sweaters, mugs and much more. The Rilkes shop operates in accordance with Spreadshirt’s order- and delivery terms.


Ordering is done primary through the website. When ordering, the customer agrees to comply laws, regulations and rules for e-commerce. Customer agree to every order in connection with the valid contract, order and delivery terms relating to the supply. The customer is obliged to check the order before sending it. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. A binding sales contract will come into force when the order is processed. The order confirmation sent to the customer by email.

Children under the age of 18 may purchase products online store only the guardian’s consent. Child’s guardian’s name, phone number an e-mail address will then be included in your order. Shared orders with the name of one person only. I do not combine orders from different people/subscribers.

The products sell to retailers by a separate agreement. Note. I can restrict the sale of larger lots for example. Online shop responsibility for the problems encountered in delivery and for poor availability of products, is limited only to the to the repayment of the money paid and trade Unloading.

Not Redeemed shipment

If the package is returned to me without redemption, possible re-dispatch shipping costs will be charged customer again. The customer must verify that the information is correct in the order.

Use of products

Customer is responsible for the use of the products themselves. Rilkes online shop is not responsible incorrect or careless use of the products.

The picture quality

Final colours may not exactly match the commonly used RGB image because in printa is commonly used CMYK colours. However, this is generally well known thing.

Finished products

Rilkes online store you will find a selection of finished products whom private individuals can subscribe to. These finished products are sold for private use. Ownership of the product is transferred to the buyer when the purchase price is paid in full. If the seller has overdue receivables from the buyer, the Seller shall have the right, after point out, to delay agreed deliveries until the due payments have been made. In this case, the agreed delivery time shall be deemed to have moved, and the buyer is not entitled to seller make claims for compensation due to delay. Unauthorised copying of the product for commercial use is strictly prohibited.


All published on the website pictures, graphics, files, texts and other material is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights also with regard to the pages on services. Reproduction, publication, processing or any other use of the Content in electronic media, on other websites, in print media, or otherwise, is requires given in prior written consent for both private use and commercial use, the user does not the direct legal right to this. If you want to order products with broader access usage rights (other public /commercial use), please contact me.


All prices are in euros. All prices include VAT, but not necessary the deliverys. Deliveries are made via Post. The postage fee is determined by the size and weight of the product, in accordance with the applicable Postal Price List. You can view these shipping selecting the ecommerce shopping cart, payment and delivery method.

Payment method abroad

Products and their postage are paid mainly in connection with the order. the available payment methods: Advance, BlueCommerce (basic) or Paypal.

Product return from abroad

All products purchased from the online store have a 14-day replacement and return policy in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Note. Exchange return policy also applies the international orders, but if the product is flawless, the customer will have to pay the return cost. Return and exchange right is not works with unique, individually designed products unless, the product error is due to a factor. The returned products must be unused and marketable.

The customer must notify the refund and cancellation of trade to the seller. Make a cancellation notice to me within 14 days of receiving the delivery. At least include the following information in your cancellation notice: the name and address of the subscriber, e-mail, order number, order date, the names of the products you order and codes, as well as bank account number (IBAN) to which money will be refunded. Return the goods to me within 14 days of cancellation notification. I do not accept shipments of more than 14 days from delivery. The seller will charge the buyer for the costs of an undue refund. Note. Customer pays all product return shipping costs incurred. Cash on delivery Refunds I do not redeem. If the refund is approved, the money will be returned directly to your account after the refund has been received and processed.


If the products lost in transit, damaged or the customer has received the wrong product, the customer must indicate an error immediately by e-mail. Note. Notice of improper delivery or defective products must be made within 14 days of receiving the product. If the package is damaged in shipment, immediately made a claim to the Post Office. Ask the Post Office to send me a copy of the damage form, so you quickly get new product. If the damage is mine, I will send you new product, or refund the purchase amount to your account. The purchase receipt / copy of the invoice, must be kept for the purpose of the defect liability.


I do the products according to orders. The order product has a longer delivery time than the stock products. I send the products to the customer as soon as they are ready. Please note that all products are handmade so delivery time may be delayed during peak times. In addition, products making starts only after the payment is received, so please make your order in good time. If delivery is delayed, for example, because part of the interim it’s out, I will contact the client. The products sell to retailers by a separate agreement.

Delivery time is an average of just a week normal product-specific domestic delivery time longer. Please note also that in the case of ordered products, delivery time may be longer than anticipated due to manufacturing, subcontracting, technical or mail delivery issues problem.. These I can not influence, and the delivery time may therefore be delayed. Seller is not liable for these delays.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are the sum of the cost of the payment method and the shipping method. Expenses do not have to pay for each product ordered, but only once the entire order. Shipping charges include post and packaging costs, which depend on package size and weight.


If you would like to learn more about new products or if you only want to see ads, you can join the mailing list. As a small player, I am of course grateful if you ads Rilkes products in a positive way, in your social circles or through your blogs, for example.


Prior to placing an order, the customer must read delivery terms. I reserve the right to make changes to my site both in terms of prices and terms of delivery if this is due to an unintentional mistake in advertising. Personal details and address details will not be disclosed to additional parties. In the event of any dispute, I first try to resolve matters by email and follow the Consumer Agency’s recommendations.

Force majeure

I am not responsible for ensuring that delivery is delayed of factors such as strikes, war, natural disasters, export or import ban, the decision of the authorities, disturbance of public transportation, subcontracting problems, or other similar thing that complicates or impedes operations.

Settlement of Disputes

This Remotes Trade Agreement arising disputes and disagreements shall be governed by Finnish law.













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