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Ordering products

Ordering via Rilkes products

Rilkes products you will find, for exsample, art and jewelry. Find the products you want in the online shop product categories (Rilkes products) and add them to your shopping cart. Then enter your shipping address and choose the payment method that best suits you. Please note that I make products according to orders. The order product has a longer delivery time than the stock products. Note. If you are ordering a lot of products at one time please be aware that downloadable products such as e-cards should be ordered separately to ensure that shipping costs for other products are correct.

Ordering via Rilkes shop

You can order more a variety of products trough Rilkes shop. Rilkes shop products are illustrated with my art. Here you will find products for the whole family, for exsample, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and much more. Note. Delivery of these products, complaints, product quality, etc. are managed by Spreadshirt. Your could find their comprehensive informations Rilkes shop site. Welcome to shopping!

Technical anomalies at Rilkes shop

Rilkes shop online store English-language pages may have some differences in product names and product information compared to the original.  This is because the automatic translation program does not understand some Finnish words correctly. In addition, some online shop pages show both languages, even if only one of the languages is selected.

Language switcher

Note. If you want Finnish and English to work in the mobile version of the Rilkes Online shop, you can make it work when you install a free language switcher app from Google Play on your phone, for example. Selectable languages Finnish and English.

Order confirmation:

Order confirmation is send to the customer’s e-mail address. Order confirmation has been received if the error message does not come.

Availability and delivery times:

I do the products according to orders. The order product has a longer delivery time than the stock products. I send the products to the customer as soon as they are ready. Please note that all products are handmade so delivery time may be delayed during peak times. In addition, products making starts only after the payment is received, so please make your order in good time. If delivery is delayed, for example, because part of the interim it’s out, I will contact the client. The products sell to retailers by a separate agreement.

Vacation times:

During the holiday delivery times are longer. All the holiday periods and changes in delivery times I inform on my website.


Products are shipped abroad too. Deliveries are made via Post, and they arrive delivery in Economy or Priority class letter or a package, depending on the size and weight of the order. Shipping determined according to postal pricing.

Method of payment:

1. Advance:

Prepayment is a safe payment way for both parties. After payment is received in account, I’ll start order processing, and I send you a products package when all the products you have ordered are ready.

2. Payment by credit card (PayPal):

PayPal is a secure method of payment, which you can securely, quickly and easily send and receive payments through the Internet using a credit card. The card number is protected and not passed on to the seller or other parties. You can pay via PayPal when ordering from Finland or abroad and all international credit cards will be accepted. PayPal you can also pay if you do not have a credit card. After confirming your order go to PayPal site where you can pay with your credit card or PayPal user name and password.

3. BlueCommerce:

BlueCommerce is a secure and easy- to -use payment solution that allows merchant can receive payment transactions a multitude of payment methods.

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Buying from me is safe. I am committed to the Finnish Direct Marketing Association’s (FDMA) Rules of fair play, and rules for Electronic Commerce and business to consumer, requirements of the legislation.

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