3. paletti palvelut


I offer Visual design services, mainly illustrations and Surface design.
Please contact me
with all these visual assignments so we’ll see if I can help you.
The e-mail: info(at)rilkes.fi replace (at) with @.

My most typical tools are acrylic paints and computer programs. I like designing
print and textiles, as well as illustrating for children. I also like storytelling’s,
but I do it best in my native language. You can find more information
about my art on the Gallery page. Welcome the visit!

Other things:
Hi, if you are interested in cooperating on jewelry, then I could sell some of my jewelry models for wider production, eg silver for jewelry. This is because as a small player, I myself do not have the resources to manufacture them. Moreover, I am interested in getting some of my illustrations for the wider production eg. in the form of toys, patterns, etc. You can see my illustrations on the Rilkes Shop page, for example. These images can be edited as needed to fit patterns, for example. 


The book consists of sentences.
Image tells a story.

The road leads to creativity.

pikku lintunen

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Toivontie 1, 41310 Leppävesi, Finland
The e-mail: info(at)rilkes.fi replace (at) with @.