Art laminated rectangle earrings

14.90  incl. VAT 24%

Select the image from the list. Sice about 2,6 x 3,4 cm + earring clasp. Weight about 3g/pair.


Art- series jewellery
Art- series jewellery is based on the paintings that I have done. Select the desired image from the list. The metal used in jewellery is nickel free. Note. Depending on the product part of the picture may be cut off. More Art- series jewelry can be found here.

Additional information

Weight 3 g
Dimensions 2.6 × 3.4 × 0.4 cm
Select the Art image:

RE01. Inland, RE010. Iced river, RE011. Winter river, RE012. Ice mirror, RE013. Whistling, RE014. Winter sine, RE015. Winter forest, RE02. Tropic of Capricorn, RE03. Blue twilight, RE04. Afterglow, RE05. Winter sleep, RE06. Black ice, RE07. Iceberg, RE08. Village road, RE09. Cold land, RE16. Rippling, RE17. Silver creek, RE18. Own way, RE19. Hayfield, RE20. Sea blue, RE21. Sea green, RE22. Early summer melodies, RE23. Landscape I, RE24. After the rain, RE25. Moment waterlily pond, RE27. Deep water, RE28. Old harbor, RE29. Lakeshore I, RE30. Own house, RE31. Pond II, RE32. Pond, RE33. Calm water, RE34. Initial force, RE35. Dreamer landscape, RE36. Sunset beach, RE37. Red twilight, RE38. Sun sparkle, RE39. Sailing II, RE40. Mediterranean melodies, RE41. Distant beach, RE43. Sailing I, RE44. Seashore, RE45. Languor beach, RE46. Towards light, RE47. Natural patchwork, RE48.Forest way, RE49. Alpha tree I, RE50. Thunder field, RE51. Dark brown, RE52. Northerly wind, RE53. Cypresses, RE54. Hill, RE55. Sunset glow, RE56. Glow, RE57. Green mile, RE58. Alpha tree II, RE59. Walkway, RE60. Meadow, RE61. Rainy forest, RE62. Spring forest, RE63. Red trees, RE64. Infinite, RE65. Pathway, RE66. House in to open sky, RE68. Cloud garden, RE69. Rose, RE70. Purple, RE71. Urban town, RE72. Two water lilies, RE73. Meadow flowers II, RE74. Bouquet I, RE75. Morning glory, RE76. Tulips, RE77. Daisies, RE78. Happy flowers, RE79. Garden of secrets, RE80. Meadow, RE81. Night flowers, RE82. Fairy tale shrub, RE83. Tower flowers